Filling in with Bill Harrell at Gettysburg Festival, Sept. 1982.  Left to right, Carl Nelson, Larry Stephenson, Bill Harrell, Chris Warner and Ed Ferris

Filling in with Bea Lilly in New Hampshire, 1983.  Left to right, Herb Applin, Bea Lilly, Butch (?) and Chris Warner

Redwood reformed, 1983 at Gettysburg Festival backing up Mac Wiseman, as so many bands have done before.  Left to right, Gary Ferguson, Dick Laird, Earl Yager, Mac Wiseman and yours truly.

Redwood at Gettysburg Festival, 1984.  Left to right, Dick Laird, Heath Laird, Gary Ferguson and Chris Warner

  Filling in with Chief Powhatan in Ocala, Florida, 1985.  Left to right, Pete Smith, Chris Warner, the Chief and Mel Hughes