Songbook photo, 1969.  Left to right, Douglas B. Green (Ranger Doug), Vernon Derrick, Chris Warner, Gloria Bell, Jimmy Martin and the Widow Maker.

Ponderosa Park, Salem, OH.  June 2, 1968, left to right, Chris Warner, Herschel Sizemore, Jimmy Martin and Bill Yates

Al Osteen and Chris Warner watching Jimmy Martin flirt with a girl 1968


Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys on the Grand Ole Opry, 1968


Recording "Milwaukee Here I Come" at Decca Studios, 1968

  Chris and Jimmy on Chris' birthday, May 1969.  Hillsville, VA

  The York County Boys, 1970.  Left to right, Chris Warner, Sonny Criswell, Tracy Schwartz, Leroy Cole and Jerry Yeager.

  L to R: Randy Stewart, Tracy Schwartz, Eloise Schwartz and yours truly, Chris Warner (yes, I'm playing guitar) 1972