1930's Gibson TB 11 with slim, custom made 5 string Flying Eagle maple neck, some worn nickel plating.  Tennessee 20 tone ring, new Presto tailpiece and hardshell case.  $3800.00

Gibson TB 6, converted to 5 string.  According to Joe Spann's book, FON number is 9360-26 is a 1929.  Custom Chris Warner neck, new 5 Star tuners, hooks, nuts and resonator L brackets (have original L brackets).  All other hardware is original but have been re-gold plated (original gold plating had been worn and steel wooled off).  Original uncut, raised head with Huber HR 30 conversion flathead tone ring.  Beautiful banjo with hardcase.  $12,000.00

1926 Gibson ball bearing TB 3, excellent original condition  $2500.00

Will consider trades for any banjo.