Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa in South Carolina.  L to R: Dave Giegerich, Emery Ledford, Kip Martin, Wayne Taylor and Chris Warner, November 2009

Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa in Plymouth, California, November 2009

Coleman Station Festival, Somerset, PA.  Chris with Bluestone, July 2010.  L to R: Jeff Laird, Patrick McAvinue (hidden), Dick Laird, Chris Warner, Heath Laird (hidden) and Carrol Swam

Lefty Myers party, November 2010.  L to R: Alan Bartram, Ronnie McCoury and Chris

Chris with Balsam Range at Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association Show, Spry, PA. February 2010.  Left to Right: Caleb Smith, Darren Nicholson, Chris Warner, Mark Pruett, Buddy Melton and Tim Surratt