Redwood, 1985 L to R: Chris Warner, Heath Laird, Dick Laird and Gary Ferguson

Rehearsal for "All Original" LP, 1986. L to R: Del McCoury, Dick Laird, Chris Warner, Paul Silvius and Earl Yager

Withlacoochie, Florida 1986. L to R: Audie Blaylock, Ralph Stanley, Jimmy Martin, Marshall Wilburn, Chris Warner and Charlie Cline

My wife, Sandy holding Jimmy Martin's guitar while I had it home for repairs.  August 1986

Waterloo, NJ 1987, L to R: David Nance, Earl Yager, Audie Blaylock, Chris Warner and Jimmy Martin

Arcadia, MD 1987, L to R:

Wayne Lewis, Audie Blaylock, Dick Laird, Jimmy Martin, Chris Warner and Charlie Cline